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In an effort to help with some of the simpler more general questions you may have, the following may prove helpful in getting a better understanding of the processes you may face.


Q: How much will settlement cost?

A: This is of course entirely dependant on the cost of your purchase, please click here to see our Fee Schedule document, it is in PDF format and can be viewed, saved and /or printed.


Q: Why do I have to pay stamp duty prior to settlement?

A: All real estate transactions are governed by the "Offer & Acceptance Contract" together with the Joint Form of General Conditions (as amended from time to time).


To enable sufficient time for the Transfer to be received by the seller's representative, forwarded to the seller for signing, and then be returned to the seller's representative in sufficient time for them to then arrange and attend settlement, it is generally accepted that the stamp duty should be available a minimum of 5 working days, (metropolitan area) or 10 working days, (country areas) prior to the due settlement date, or ideally, by the time the Offer becomes unconditional.


Q: Do I have to attend settlement?

A: No, your settlement agent will attend settlement for you as part of the fees you pay for their services.


Q:When can I re-inspect my property?

A:Your real estate agent should contact you at least one week prior to settlement to arrange for a final inspection.


Q: When Do I Get Possession?

A: If the property you are purchasing is vacant a buyer may be able to take possession on the day of Settlement. If the Seller is occupying the property then they are entitled to remain in occupation of the property until noon the day after Settlement.


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