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C&C Conveyancing is an independent Real Estate Settlement Agency with extensive industry experience. We are committed to providing all our clients both long standing and new with outstanding personlised service combined with professionalism, honesty and integrity. Settlement and Property transactions can be a complicated process and unfortunately not all Settlements go to plan. In these instances it is vitally important that a client has the confidence and trust in their Conveyancer that they have both the knowledge and expertise to deal with any issues in fast and efficient manner. The professional team at C& C Conveyancing makes it a priority to provide this peace of mind to their valued clients.

Why choose an Independent Settlement Agent?

C&C Conveyancing is a proudly independent settlement agency with no affiliation to any:

  • Real Estate Agency
  • Developer or
  • Financial Institution or Broker

This means that at all times we act solely in the best interest of our clients without interference from one of the above third parties. A potential conflict may arise when an outside party refers a client to an affiliated settlement agent and as such may have an influence over the transaction. By choosing an independent Settlement Agent such as C&C Conveyancing you can do so with the knowledge that we are working for no interest other than our clients.

C&C Conveyancing is a Member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

This is the body representing Specialist Conveyancers in Australia. The Institute itself has set high goals for the advancement of professional Conveyancing across Australia and is committed to best practice.

C&C Conveyancing is also an accredited Certified Practicing Conveyancer

Being a CPC is more than Conveyancing knowledge, it is the desire to be recognised as the elite and to promote the highest standards in the profession. It is the responsibility, to promote the best practices for the Conveyancing profession and to respect the work, knowledge and ethics of the entire Conveyancing profession


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